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Agilent Single Taper Glass Wool Spiltless GC Liner - 5183-4694

Price: £518.00

Deactivated 900ul Volume, 4mm ID 

Liner, deactivated tapered borisilicate, glasswool, splitless only

Same As 5062-3587 (Pack of 25)

Optimal inlet performance 

Agilent offers a complete line of liners for your Agilent GC splitless inlet. Agilent’s proprietary deactivation is important for splitless liners because of the longer sample/liner contact in splitless mode.

When deciding between a liner with or without glass wool, choose a liner without glass wool if your sample contains non-volatiles or analytes within a wide boiling range. For unknown samples, use a liner without glass wool to avoid loss of active or labile compounds.


  • Feature Agilent’s proprietary deactivation
  • Designed and engineered to meet strict specifications for dimensional accuracy and inertness for demanding applications
  • Outer diameter of splitless liners is ground and polished to exacting dimensional tolerances, ensuring a perfect fit into our inlets and optimum splitless injection performance
  • Agilent recommends trying a liner without glass wool first; use glass wool as a second choice

  • Model: 5183-4694
  • Manufactured by: Agilent Technologies