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Agilent ALS Syringe, 5ul tapered, FN 23-26s/42/HP - 5181-1273

Price: £61.00

Use one needle and get the benefits of two. The upper portion of the tapered needle offers the strength of a 23 gauge needles, while the lower portion of at 26s gauge allows use with split/splitless or on-column injections with 0.53mm ID columns. All standard plungers are stainless steel.

Accuracy, Reliability and Productivity with Agilent automation 
Developed and tested with the design of the instrumentation, Agilent autosampler syringes are made to enhance the performance of Agilent autosamplers.  With proprietary knowledge of Agilent fast injection technology and GC injection port thermal and flow nuances, Agilent offers a selection of syringes to optimize the reliability, precision and accuracy of sample introduction.


  • Agilent blue line delivers the highest productivity with lowest sample carry over
  • Larger capacity 250 and 500 µL blue syringes automate sample enhancement with the Agilent 7693A autosampler
  • Gold standard line syringes are perfect for general use
  • Both blue and gold standard lines are compatible with 7693A, 7683 autoinjectors
  • Added convenience of syringes for use with CombilPAL and GC PAL and HTS and HTC LC CTC autosamplers 

  • Model: 5181-1273
  • Manufactured by: Agilent Technologies