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Agilent Pt Skimmer Cone, Copper Base 7700s ICP-MS - G3280-67064

Price: £1,506.00


Sampling and Skimmer Cones 
The Nickel sampling cone is used as the standard interface. This sampling cone is relatively robust to samples containing high concentrations of matrix and salts, and is suitable for a wide variety of samples. It is usually used with the Nickel skimmer cone.

The Platinum sampling cone is usually used for introduction of hydrofluoric acid and other reagents. It is usually used with the Platinum skimmer cone, and is suitable higher concentrations of acids. The Platinum skimmer cone must be mounted on the brass skimmer base(G1820-60104), otherwise the copper base of the skimmer cone will be deteriorated, and shorten the lifetime of the skimmer cone itself.


  • Model: G3280-67064
  • Manufactured by: Agilent Technologies