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VARIAN, TW 701 Turbo Vacuum Pump Refurbish Service - 33-TW701-002

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LEYBOLD, TW 701 Turbo Vacuum Pump Refurbish Service - 33-TW701-002

UVISON in partnership with Sciencix is excited to announce a tremendous value added service to our beloved customers! We now refurbish Turbo Pumps for a wide variety of Mass Spec. makes & models. Together with our highly skilled in-house engineers, and robust ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System, we look forward to gaining your trust and confidence with this new offering.

Every Rebuild includes

       •   Pump evaluation and cleaning

•   New OEM bearings

•   Precision rotor balancing

•   48-hour vacuum-readiness testing

•   15-month warranty

Turbo Pump Rebuild service available for (but not limited to) the following models: 









Leybold Oerlikon

           TW250S TW690



         *  The evaluation charge of GBP 200 may be added if the received pump is determined to be in a condition

             where rebuild is not possible.

         *  The warranty period on a rebuilt pump expires 15 months from the date of shipment.

         *  Shipping charges may vary based on the weight, dimensions and destination of the shipment.

         *  Final shipping charges will be communicated when your order is processed

Please note ***  For each turbo pump sent to us for refurbishment and rebuilding please fill out the linked packing checklist here .., and send with your turbo vacuum pump  ***


  • Model: 33-TW701-002
  • Manufactured by: CTS