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CTS Shimadzu PEEK 5µm Filter - CTS-11305, 228-48607-91, 228-32744-00

Price: £15.40

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PEEK™ 5µm Filter, Comparable to OEM Number 228-48607-91, Old Number 228-32744-00

OEM: Shimadzu 
Models: LC-10AD, LC-10ADvp, LC-10ATvp, LC-20AD/AB, LC-20Ai, LC-20AT, LCMS-2020, LCMS-8030, LCMS-8040, LCMS-8045 and LCMS-8050 pumps

Sciencix Part Number: CTS-11305
OEM Part Number: 228-48607-91

  • Model: CTS-11305
  • Manufactured by: CTS