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Daicel CHIRALPAK® Ion Exchange Columns

Anion Exchange Chiral Stationary Phases

CHIRALPAK® QN-AX and CHIRALPAK® QD-AX are enantioselective weak anion-exchange (AX) HPLC columns. They were developed by Prof. W. Lindner’s group in Vienna and are designed specifically for enantioselective HPLC of chiral acids and possess exceptional enantiomer separation capabilities for acidic chiral compounds containing carboxylic, phosphonic, phosphinic, phosphoric or sulfonic groups.

Zwitterionic Stationary Phases

The zwitterionic stationary phases (ZWIX) are quinine- and quinidine-derived chiral supports that incorporate both anion- and cation-exchange functional groups. These novel ZWIX selectors exhibit enantioseparation capabilities toward zwitterionic molecules such as amino acids and peptides.