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Glass Expansion Hollow Cathode Lamp, Cadmium, 1.5inch, Agilent Coded - HCL-15A-Cd (OEM: P808C, 3QNY/CD-V, 56-101008-00 14-386-115C)

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Hollow Cathode Lamp, Cadmium, 1.5inch, Agilent Coded, 4 Pin, 37mm Diameter

Glass Expansion Part Number: HCL-15A-Cd
Equivalent to OEM Part Numbers: P808C, 3QNY/CD-V, 56-101008-00 14-386-115C

- Suitable for: Agilent/Varian, GBC

Download the Datasheet for 1.5 Inch Lamps

Hollow Cathode Lamps for AA

Glass Expansion supplies Hollow Cathode Lamps to suit atomic absorption spectrophotometers from all major manufacturers. We supply standard uncoded lamps plus data coded lamps for Agilent ®/Varian, Thermo Fisher Scientific ® and PerkinElmer ® instruments.

GE lamps are fully guaranteed and each lamp is individually tested to ensure optimal performance in your instrument. The test data for each lamp is stored and tracked by serial number. GE lamps are guaranteed for 2 years or 5000 milliampere-hours, whichever comes first. Rigid quality control ensures that all lamps meet the same high standard for intensity, stability and spectral purity.


  • Intense emission of resonance lines
  • Narrow line width for maximum sensitivity and linearity
  • Minimal spectral interference
  • Rapid warm up and stable long term emission
  • Low noise operation
  • Long running life and a 5 year shelf life
  • Careful selection of cathode materials and geometry to achieve a combination of spectral purity and optimal sputtering rate

  • Model: HCL-15A-Cd
  • Manufactured by: Glass Expansion