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Glass Expansion Conikal DC Nebulizer 1mL/min - A12-1-UC1X

Price: £404.00

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Conikal DC Nebulizer 1mL/min

Glass Expansion Part Number: A12-1-UC1X


Suitable for the Following Instruments:

  • Agilent (HP) | ICP-MS | 7500
  • Agilent (HP) | ICP-MS | 4500

Conikal - an industry standard

The Conikal concentric nebulizer gives the most reproducible results for standard ICP analyses. It represents the choice nebulizer for high precision, routine aqueous and organic applications.

General Specifications:

  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • High physical reproducibility ~ 1%
  • TDS tolerance, typically up to 5%
  • High tolerance to particulates, typically up to 75µm
  • Low RSD's due to highly accurate construction
  • Standard available uptake: 1 & 2 mL/min

Direct Connection (DC) Nebulizer

The Glass Expansion DC (Direct Connection) nebulizer has a UniFit sample connector which slides easily over the sample arm and an argon gas connector configured to connect directly to your ICP.

The benefits of the DC nebulizer are:

  • Inert metal-free argon gas connector.
  • Instrument-specific Direct Connect flexible argon gas line.
  • Reliable ratchet fitting ensures leak-free argon gas connection.

The DC nebulizer shares the following benefits with the U-Series nebulizer:

  • Resists blockage - The sample channel is uniform from the entry point to the tip, so there is nowhere for particulates to be trapped.
  • Fast washout - Since there is nowhere for sample to be trapped, the fastest possible washout and highest sample throughput is achieved.
  • Simple to use - Glass Expansion's proprietary UniFit connector slides easily over the sample arm and creates an excellent seal.
  • Full length VitriCone™ construction - With the VitriCone™ design, the sample channel is constructed from heavy glass capillary, which is machined to very high tolerances.

DC versions of the SeaSpray, MicroMist, Conikal, Slurry, DuraMist, OpalMist and VeeSpray nebulizers are available to suit the most common models of ICP-OES and ICP-MS. The DC nebulizer part number has a prefix specific to each type of gas connector. For example, the prefix “A13-” denotes a connector for the Agilent® 5100 / 5110 / 5800 / 5900 ICP-OES, so part number A13-07- USS2 is a SeaSpray nebulizer configured for direct connection to the Agilent® 5100 / 5110 / 5800 / 5900.

  • Model: A12-1-UC1X
  • Manufactured by: Glass Expansion