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Glass Expansion DuraMist DC Nebulizer 1mL/min - A41-1-DM1S

Price: £788.00


DuraMist DC Nebulizer 1mL/min for Shimadzu | ICP-OES | 7000, 8000, 9000, 9800 Series | Radial / Axial

Glass Expansion Part Number: A41-1-DM1S

- Includes NFTS-075 UniFit Connector with 0.75mm ID x 1.3mm OD x 1500mm long tubing (1 piece)
- Includes 70-803-1311 Gas Fitting with Ratchet Nebulizer connector

DuraMist High Performance Inert Nebulizer

The DuraMist concentric nebulizer is the most economical nebulizer for high precision analyses involving samples digested in HF.*

General Specifications:

  • Material: HF Resistant PEEK
  • High physical reproducibility ~ 2%
  • High tolerance to particulates, up to 75µm depending on uptake
  • TDS tolerance, typically up to 30%
  • Low RSD's due to concentric geometry
  • Uses only standard ICP argon supply pressures
  • Standard 6mm size fits standard cyclonic spray chambers. Adaptors are available for Scott type spray chambers
  • Standard available uptakes: 0.4 and 1.0ml/min

DuraMists with sample uptakes 0.4 and 1.0ml/min are supplied with 1 x NFT-050, UniFit Connector with 1.3mm OD x 0.50mm ID x 700mm long sample tubing.

The DuraMist nebulizer is recommended for samples containing up to 5% HF. For samples with higher concentrations of HF, we recommend the OpalMist PFA nebulizer.

The DuraMist™ is a HF-resistant nebulizer, providing excellent sensitivity and precision at an affordable price. The DuraMist is a concentric, self-aspirating nebulizer and is compatible with all ICP models. And its ability to run samples with up to 30% total dissolved solids without blockage make it effectively a universal nebulizer.

The strength and rigidity of the PEEK material allows the DuraMist to be manufactured to very tight tolerances, enabling it to closely match the SeaSpray, the worldwide market-leading high performance glass nebulizer. A comparison of the DuraMist with the SeaSpray showed that the DuraMist gave similar performance.

DuraMist Nebulizer Benefits Include:

  • Inert material - Made from PEEK and it can tolerate a wide variety of acids including HF.*
  • High sensitivity and excellent precision - Due to concentric design and rigid construction.
  • High tolerance to dissolved solids - (Typically up to 30%) due to smooth surface of capillary and nebulizer tip.
  • High physical reproducibility - minimal nebulizer to nebulizer variability so that changing nebulizers does not change your analytical performance.

  • Model: A41-1-DM1S
  • Manufactured by: Glass Expansion