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Glass Expansion IsoMist Kit for Agilent 7800/7900 - KT-1140

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IsoMist Kit for Agilent 7900

Glass Expansion Part Number: KT-1140

Kit Includes:

The IsoMist Programmable Temperature Spray Chamber

Enhanced Performance for ICP-MS and ICP-OES
The IsoMist Programmable Temperature Spray Chamber, provides the benefits of a temperature-controlled ICP sample introduction system in a compact, convenient package.

Peltier Effect Temperature Control
The temperature is electronically controlled using a powerful inbuilt Peltier device. You can select any temperature between -10°C and +60°C in 1°C increments to provide the optimum conditions for any application. The rapid response of the Peltier device allows a spray chamber temperature of -5°C to be reached within 15 minutes.

Versatile Computer Interface
For maximum convenience, the IsoMist can be controlled from your PC via a Bluetooth wireless interface or a standard USB network connection. The spray chamber temperature can be monitored through a temperature versus time plot on your PC screen. And, for regulatory compliance, the temperature versus time data file can be saved with your results. If these features are not required, once the temperature has been programmed, the IsoMist can be run in stand-alone mode without a PC connection.

Perfect for Volatile Organics
The temperature can be set as low as -10°C to reduce the solvent load on the plasma and allow the straightforward ICP-MS or ICP-OES analysis of even the most volatile organic solvents.

Constant Temperature Improves Stability
By holding the spray chamber at a constant temperature, the IsoMist significantly improves long-term signal stability, increasing the likelihood of calibration checks passing. Figure 4 shows the emission signals over 3 hours with the temperature held at a constant 21°C compared with a standard system at ambient temperature.

Heating Mode Enhances Sensitivity
The sensitivity for many analyses is enhanced by running the spray chamber at an elevated temperature, a feature that is particulary important for samples with limited volume. The following table shows that the detection limit with a sample uptake of 20µL/min is better at 60C than 21°C and is almost as good as that obtained with a standard system running at 21°C with a sample uptake of 2mL/min.

Proven Cyclonic Spray Chamber
The IsoMist incorporates the proven Twister cyclonic spray chamber, combining excellent sensitivity and precision with exceptionally fast washout. The Helix nebulizer interface has zero dead volume and provides for convenient nebulizer insertion and removal. This system is compatible with the full range of Glass Expansion nebulizers.

Completely Self-Contained Ergonomic Package
The compact design includes a rugged, low maintenance, chemically-resistant polypropylene housing. It provides a much more convenient alternative to a jacketed spray chamber with an external chiller because it does not require an external source of coolant. It is compatible with almost all ICP-MS and ICP-OES models.


  • Temperature range: -10°C to +6°0C
  • Temperature set in 1C increments
  • Temperature stability: +/-0.1°C
  • Cools to -5°C within 15 minutes
  • Wireless Bluetooth® or USB connection to PC
  • PC operating system: Windows® 2000/XP/7/10
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Dimensions: 195 x 100 x 120mm
  • Input voltage: 100 - 250VAC
  • Input frequency: 47 - 63Hz
  • Maximum current: 2A
  • Maximum power: 75W
  • Supplied with Encapsulated Twister cyclonic spray chamber, power supply, mains cable, Bluetooth® interface kit, USB cable, operating software, operation manual

Optional PFA and Quartz Spray Chambers
The IsoMist can be used with PFA or quartz spray chambers in addition to the standard glass Twister spray chamber.

The IsoMist can also be ordered with a PFA or quartz spray chamber installed in place of the standard glass spray chamber. Simple add a "P" for PFA or a "Q" for quartz to the part number for the standard kit, eg. KT-1010P for PFA or KT-1010Q for quartz.

Twinnabar Spray Chamber
The IsoMist can be configured with a low volume (20mL) Twinnabar spray chamber for applications with limited sample volume. Note that a special IsoMist version is required - the Twinnabar cannot be used in the standard IsoMist.


  • Model: KT-1140
  • Manufactured by: Glass Expansion