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Glass Expansion IsoMist XR basic Kit LOL with Inert PFA Spray Chamber - KT-1027P-XR

Price: £5,120.00

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IsoMist XR Basic Kit LOL with PFA Spray Chamber

Glass Expansion Part Number: KT-1027P-XR

Suitable for the following Instruments:

  • GBC Scientific | ICP-OES | Integra XL, XM, XM2, XP, XMP | Radial
  • Hitachi (SII) | ICP-OES / MS | SPS / SPQ Series | Radial
  • Leeman (Teledyne) | ICP-OES | Leeman Series Radial, Prodigy, Profile | Radial
  • Leeman (Teledyne) | ICP-OES | Leeman Series Axial / DV, Prodigy, Profile | Axial
  • Spectro (Ametek) | ICP-OES | SOP (Modula, CIROS, Genesis, ARCOS) | Radial
  • Spectro (Ametek) | ICP-OES | EOP (Modula, CIROS, Genesis, ARCOS) | Axial
  • Thermo | ICP-MS | iCAP Q

IsoMist XR Extended Range Programmable Temperature Spray Chamber

Enhanced Performance for ICP-MS and ICP-OES
The IsoMist XR programmable temperature controlled cyclonic spray chamber now features an improved thermodynamic design providing an extended temperature range and faster cool-down so your ICP application is ready to go sooner. The IsoMist XR is a compact, convenient and maintenance-free temperature controlled sample introduction system for all ICP-OES and ICP-MS.

Improve Analytical Stability
On the IsoMist XR, the spray chamber temperature is accurately controlled through an improved thermodynamic design using a multi-stage peltier device. The spray chamber temperature is settable in 1°C increments from -25°C to 80°C guaranteeing optimum conditions for any application. The improved cooling efficiency of the new multi-stage peltier design means the IsoMist XR is ready, sooner and cool-down time is reduced.

Reduce Oxide Formation in ICP-MS
Using the IsoMist XR spray chamber at sub-ambient temperature on an ICP-MS, the sample is cooled so less water vapor is transferred to the plasma resulting in lower oxide formation and reduced polyatomic interferences - improving accuracy and detection limits.

Perfect for Volatile Organics
When analyzing volatile organic solvents such as naphtha and gasoline a lower sample introduction system temperature reduces nebulization efficiency avoiding quenching of the plasma from solvent over-loading. With a minimum temperature of -25°C analyzing volatile organic solvents is even easier.

Constant Temperature Improves Analytical Stability
Fluctuations in the lab temperature affects sample viscosity and nebulization efficiency. Maintaining the sample introduction at a constant and stable temperature improves analytical reproducibility, enhances throughput and lowers operating costs by reducing the need to re-run samples when a calibration verification check standard drifts outside the acceptable limits.

Enhance Sensitivity with Elevated Sample Introduction Temperatures
The sensitivity for many analyses is enhanced by running the spray chamber at an elevated temperature, which is particularly important for samples with limited volume.

A Spray Chamber Optimised for Performance
The IsoMist XR incorporates a proven Twister cyclonic spray chamber available in either glass, quartz or PFA - all with Helix™ O-ring free, zero dead-volume nebulizer interface. Compared to a Scott type spray chamber, cyclonic spray chambers are more sensitive and better washout between samples. The O-ring free, Helix nebulizer interface eliminates sample contamination and ensures simple nebulizer removal and replacement for routine cleaning. With a positive stop built-in, Helixtm ensures the correct and reproducible nebulizer insertion depth for consistent analytical performance.

Elegant, Ergonomic Design
The IsoMist XR is an elegant, compact, stand-alone system manufactured from inert materials resistant to attack from acids and solvents commonly used in ICP analysis. By using a peltier thermo-electric device to maintain the spray chamber temperature, the messy, noisy and high-maintenance refrigerated, recirculating baths used with jacketed spray chambers is eliminated. The compact design also means the IsoMist XR Programmable Temperature Controlled Spray Chambers are compatible with any ICP-OES and ICP-MS.

Low Volume Spray Chamber Option for Limited Sample Volumes
The IsoMist XR can be configured with a low volume (20mL) Twinnabar spray chamber for applications with limited sample volume. Note that a special IsoMist XR version is required - the Twinnabar cannot be used in the standard IsoMist XR.

  • Model: KT-1027P-XR
  • Manufactured by: Glass Expansion