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Glass Expansion Semi Demountable Torch with Alumina Injector for Agilent 7700/7800/7900/8800/8900 - 30-808-3853

Price: £539.00


Semi-Demountable Torch with 2.4mm Quartz Injector for Agilent 7700 / 7800 / 7900 / 8800 / 8900 ICP-MS

Glass Expansion Part Number: 30-808-3853

Torch Options for Agilent 7700 / 7800 / 7900 / 8800 / 8900:

Part Number Product Description
SAFEGLOVE-lge Safety Gloves, Large
SAFEGLOVE-med Safety Gloves, Medium
SAFEGLOVE-sml Safety Gloves, Small
30-807-0556 Quartz Torch with 2.5mm Injector for Agilent 7700/7800/7900/8800/8900
30-807-0557 Quartz Torch with 1.5mm Injector for Agilent 7700/7800/7900/8800/8900
30-807-0558 Quartz Torch with 1.0mm Injector for Agilent 7700/7800/7900/8800/8900
30-807-3608 Quartz Torch with 2.0mm Injector for Agilent 7700/7800/7900/8800/8900
30-808-3853 Semi-Demountable Torch with 2.4mm Quartz Injector
31-808-2577 Quartz Torch Bonnet for Agilent 7500/7700/7800/7900/8800/8900
31-808-3217 Quartz Connector with Dilution Port for Agilent 7700/7800/7900/8800/8900
31-808-3280 Quartz Connector with 45deg Dilution Port for Agilent 7700/7800/7900/8800/8900
31-808-3288 Straight Quartz Connector for Agilent 7700/7800/7900/8800/8900
31-808-3855 Tapered Alumina Injector 2.4mm
31-808-4159 Sapphire Capillary Injector 2.4mm
31-808-4168 Tapered Quartz Injector 2.4mm
70-803-0846 Clamp (PKT 2)
70-803-1290 JDI Gas Connection

Glass Expansion Semi Demountable Torches

Highly accurate construction
Lowest running cost than 1-piece torches

Usually comprises a quartz torch body, a torch adaptor, an injector and GazFit connectors. All these parts are replaceable, making the semi demountable torch more cost effective than the fixed quartz torch. Essentially the design of the torch for standard analyses and HF analyses is the same, with the exception of the injector material. The torch for aqueous and organics analyses comes with a quartz injector, while the torch version for HF analyses comes with an alumina injector. Hence simply interchange between quartz and alumina injectors for appropriate analyses. Several internal diameters for both quartz and alumina injectors are also available.

  • Model: 30-808-3853
  • Manufactured by: Glass Expansion