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SGE 50F-PE-0.63 50UL SYRINGE - 004670

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Trajan Scientific and Medical, “Trajan” has acquired the Chromatography and Liquid Handling businesses of SGE Analytical Science, please click the link below to see the latest product in the Trajan category:

Trajan 50 uL Fixed Needle PerkinElmer Syringe with 7 cm 0.63 mm OD Cone Tipped Needle - 004670

SGE Syringe, 50 ul Fixed Needle for Perkin Elmer Autosystem. Needle is stainless steel, 0.63 mm OD (23 gauge), 70 mm long w/ cone point style. Large bore ID of 0.24mm

Product Line: SYRMTL
Part Number: 004670

  • Model: 004670
  • Manufactured by: SGE