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Shant Laboratories

Shant Laboratories is the developer and producer of Pathfinder® Reversed Phase Columns. The company was the pioneers of the first chemical stable and mixed-mode phases for HPLC in 1997.  The Pathfinder® concept of polymer encapsulated silica, showed very exceptional application results from its first development.  The first and second generation columns were brought to market by Shimadzu Europe.  A further 3 years of extensive research and development has resulted in the new Destiny series (NQ-AQ-XQ). The base packing material is a groundbreaking new polymer embedded silica which combines the best properties of silica and organic polymer, while avoiding the shortcomings of each used separately. Optimized selectivity, efficiency, no silanol activity, and the chemical stability are the main characteristics, with C4-C8- C18 comparable hydrophobicity. Additionally, this novel technology is also available in 1.5 um porous particle size, a première for the HPLC market, and providing more than 300.000 theoretical plates per meter. This development provides solutions for many challenging or unsolved RP separations. Also the extended chemical robustness of this material means that it can be successfully deployed when using harsh separation conditions.