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Shimadzu Shimadzu Suction Filter, Stainless - 228-45707-91 (Replaces 228-43342-92, 228-21984-01)

Price: £58.01


Stainless Steel Suction Filter Element

Shimadzu Part Number: 228-45707-91

Suction filter only - insert existing tubing into the Teflon port; no fittings required. For SIL-20A/AC, LC-2010 A/C (HT), LC-10ADvp/ATvp, LC-20AD, i-Series, and LC-40. Replacement for 228-43342-92, 228-21984-01.

LC/HPLC → Spare Parts

  • Model: 228-45707-91
  • Manufactured by: Shimadzu