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Shimadzu Shim-Pack Columns & Accessories

The Shimadzu Shim-pack LC Column series consists of the following:

Please contact our Sales Team for any items not currently on the website.

UHPLC/HPLC Columns (Reversed phase/ Normal Phase / HILIC ) Shim-pack Velox LC Columns
Shim-pack G Series
Shim-pack Scepter LC Columns
Shim-pack Arata LC Columns
Shim-pack XR Series
Shim-pack VP Series
Shim-pack MAqC-ODS
Shim-pack FC ODS
Shim-pack HR-ODS
Shim-pack PREP Series
Pretreatment Columns Shim-pack MAYI Series
Shim-pack SPC Series
Size Exclusion Columns Shim-pack GPC Series
Shim-pack Bio Diol
Shim-pack Diol Series
Ion Exchange Columns Shim-pack Bio IEX
Shim-pack WAX/WCX Series
Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Columns Shim-pack Bio HIC
Ion Chromatography Columns Shim-pack IC Series
Dedicated Columns Analysis of Amino Acids Shim-pack Amino Series
Dedicated Columns Analysis of Sugar and Organic Acids Shim-pack Fast-OA
Shim-pack SCR Series
Shim-pack ISC Series