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Shinwa ULTRON ES-OVM Analytical HPLC Column, 5 µm, 150 mm x 4.6 mm ID - LCC-00131-177

Price: £1,458.97


ULTRON ES-OVM Chiral Separation Chromatography

The ULTRON ES series consists of columns designed specifically for chiral separations that employ chemically immobilized protein (ULTRON ES-OVM, ULTRON ES-PEPSIN, ULTRON ES-BSA) and cyclodextrin (ULTRON ES-CD, ULTRON ES-PhCD) stationary phases.


  1. Employs a highly denaturation resistant protein (ovomucoid) ligand.
  2. Displays a wide range of chiral recognition.
  3. No sample pretreatment required for chiral separations.
  4. Can be used for reversed-phase analyses.
  5. Trace analyses possible (several nanograms).


・Pharmaceuticals ・Pesticides ・Organic synthetic compounds


ULTRON ES-OVM Analytical HPLC Column

Dimensions: 150 mm Length × 4.6 mm ID

Particle Size: 5 µm

ISS Product No: LCC-00131-177

- LCC-00131-177

  • Model: LCC-00131-177
  • Manufactured by: Shinwa Chemical Industries Ltd