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Waters Spherisorb ODS2 Guard Column, 5 µm, 4.6 x 10 mm - PSS830053

Price: £178.89

Waters Spherisorb® columns are one of the most widely referenced HPLC columns in the scientific literature. There are over 2000 analytical abstracts published on Waters Spherisorb® columns, providing a tremendous range of validated methods and applications to assist you in your method development process. These columns (or cartridge endfittings) are supplied with Parker-style tube/column endfittings.

Spherisorb ODS2 columns are general purpose, silica-based, reversed-phase C18 columns. The ODS2 packing features intermediate ligand density with a specified carbon load of 11.5%.


% Carbon Load11.5Bonding TechnologyODS2BrandSpherisorbChemistry TypeC18EndcappedYesFormatGuard ColumnInner Diameter (id)4.6 mmLength (mm)10 mmModeReversed-PhaseParticle ShapeSphericalParticle Size (dp)5 µmParticle SubstrateSilicaPore Size80ÅSilanol ActivityHighSurface Area220USP ClassificationL1Units in Package3/pkgpH Range2 - 8

  • Model: PSS830053
  • Manufactured by: Waters