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Agilent Bio SEC-5, 2000Å, 4.6 x 300 mm, 5 µm - 5190-2543

Price: £1,077.00


High resolution sized-based separations of biological molecules  

Agilent Bio SEC-5 HPLC columns are packed with 5 μm silica particles coated with a proprietary, neutral, hydrophilic layer for maximum efficiency and stability. Our specially designed packing also promotes high pore volume, improving both peak capacity and resolution. Agilent Bio SEC-5 HPLC columns are available in 100Å, 150Å, 300Å, 500Å, 1000Å and 2000Å.


  • Maximum recovery for a broad range of size-based, bio-molecule separations
  • Outstanding reproducibility and column lifetime
  • Excellent stability, even under high-pH, high-salt, and low-salt conditions
  • Compatible with most aqueous buffers

  • Model: 5190-2543
  • Manufactured by: Agilent Technologies