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Agilent ProSEC 300S 300 x 7.5 mm HPLC Column - PL1147-6501

Designed for Protein Characterization 
Agilent’s ProSEC 300S is a silica-based material specifically designed for the analysis of proteins by size exclusion chromatography. With a proprietary surface modification to remove acidic silanols and reduce interaction effects, the ProSEC packing material shows minimal non-size exclusion effects for a wide range of protein types. The packing material has a nominal 300Å pore size suitable for a wide range of globular proteins and a 5 µm particle size that gives high efficiency for improved resolution, making the new ProSEC 300S an ideal choice for all protein analyses in salt buffer eluents.


  • The silica base material is designed for the aqueous-based solvent salt/buffer eluents used for protein analysis
  • The high surface stability ensures that the column is suitable for use in buffers with a pH range between 2.0 and 7.5
  • The modified surface stabilizes the particles and reduces column bleed making it suitable for use with light scattering detectors with increased sensitivity 
  • A 300Å pore size suited to the analysis of a wide range of therapeutic and biologically active globular proteins
  • High mechanical stability makes for excellent column lifetimes and gives high sample throughput
  • Two column internal diameters are available to suit multi-detector size exclusion, 7.8 mm id,  and the analysis of small sample volumes, 4.6 mm id

  • Model: PL1147-6501
  • Manufactured by: Agilent Technologies