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Accroma SamplePrep – Automated Sample Preparation for HPLC

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SamplePrep – Automated Sample Preparation for HPLC

Tablets, powders, plant parts, soil, creams, pastes and much more are prepared in the simplest way, fast, reliable, traceable and during 24/7 for analysis, that is the speciality of the SamplePrep from accroma. The SamplePrep is extremely flexible and can theoretically work out its own workflow for each sample in spite of a one-off set-up.  This also makes it possible to use a device from different departments at the same time.

Interfaces to Waters and Agilent are available for direct further processing and analysis. A direct software integration into Empower is also available.

Specification :


Platform incl. handler: 750 x 770 x 1150mm

Weight: approx. 200kg

Related table: 1600 x 1000 x 910mm

Media: 240V

Sample Capacity

Maximum capacity: 124 samples

Normal106 samples

Additional rack for 18 additional samples

Storage for max.  112 HPLC vials

Liquid Handling

Maximum 4 channels

Dispensing from 10µl to 500ml

Pipetting from 20µl to 50ml


All sample preparation steps comply with CFR21 part 11.


Hardware interfaces to HPLC and UPLC from the following manufacturers are available:



others on request

Software integration in Empower is available as standard, integration with Chromeleon and OpenLab is also possible


  • Model: Accroma
  • Manufactured by: Accroma Labtec