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ChromaCon ChromIQ Software


The ChromIQ operating software controls the Contichrom Discovery. It supports batch and multi-step connected batch processes and features tools for separation and purification with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

ChromIQ software in use

ChromIQ has wizards for normal single column batch operation and for multi-step operation with up to three different columns. The wizards help to design batch single-step chromatography runs and automated two- or three-step batch runs. A set of methods are pre-optimized and built into the software (see below). The set can be amended by custom-made single- and multi-dimensional purification methods.

The Contichrom Discovery features pre-optimized and programmed 1-, 2-, and 3-step purifiations.

ChromIQ includes a number of features that are particularly helpful for automated processes, such as a buffer management system showing how many runs can be performed with the remaining buffer volumes, and a pressure sensor watchdog preventing the FPLC from running dry.

The software features include:

  • Optimized standard methods for 1?, 2?, and 3?step processes
  • Interactive process picture
  • Single-click evaluation
  • Easy data export (xlsx, csv, bmp, eps, emf)
  • Pre-defined user groups with individual rights management
  • Password protected user accounts
  • Logging with time stamp and user name
  • Electronic signature with check-sum of log and measurement files

If you are interested in a web-based live demo of the software, please contact us!

Walkthrough example: 2-step IMAC-SEC

Single- and multi-step processes can be set up easily with Discovery Wizard in the ChromIQ software. Below, the steps for setting up a 2-step purification for a His-tagged protein is shown. Relevant areas on the screenshots are marked in red.

The Discovery Wizard in ChromIQ allows to set up 1-, 2- or 3-step processes for the purification of proteins or antibodies on the Contichrom Discovery.
The entry page shows options for 1-, 2- or 3-step purifications and a button to prepare the FPLC for storage. Click the “2-step Purification” button, which will turn blue.

A library of different processes including combinations with Protein A, SEC, CIEX, AIEX are available and can be ammended with customized methods.
The middle column now shows the different purification sequence options and also the possibility to run custom 2-step processes (yellow button). Click the “IMAC-SEC“ button which will turn blue. Now general information on the IMAC/SEC method is displayed on the right. Next, press “START 2-step”.

The setup screen of the Discovery Wizard in the ChromIQ software shows where to mount which columns.
After entering the project and sample names, this screen with information for getting the FPLC ready to run is displayed. The picture shows where to mount which column (red highlights added for clarity). The “Mount Column” button shows detailed information and allows to flush the column with buffer for pre-equilibration.

The setup screen of the Discovery Wizard in the ChromIQ software shows how much of which buffer is needed and where to attach them.
The right table shows the required buffers for the selected purification method (red highlights added for clarity). Current and required buffer volumes are displayed. The table on the bottom left shows the connection between the color-coded buffer inlet tubes and the buffer tanks.

The setup screen of the Discovery Wizard in the ChromIQ software has a convenient option for purging the pumps and buffer inlet lines.
After all buffers have been filled and connected, the pumps can be purged to make sure that they contain the right buffers. The FPLC is then ready and the “START” button can be pressed.

The Discovery Wizard in the ChromIQ software asks for a final confirmation to prevent mistakes in the setup process.
The Software reminds you once more of the critical steps for preparing the purification run. Now you can “START the Run” to automatically purify your protein.