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ChromaCon Contichrom® Cube Basic

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Contichrom® CUBE Basic module technical specifications
Main system components:
• 2x dual-head pump
• 2x UV sensors
• 2x conductivity sensor
• 1x temperature sensor
• 1x pH sensor
• 4x multiposition valve (actuated)
• 1x drain valve (actuated)
• 2x buffer selection valve (actuated)
• 2x manual drain valve
• 2x pressure transducer
Communication and Control:
• 1x laptop computer (Windows, 64 bit, resolution 1920 x 1080 or higher)
• 1x ChromIQ® operating software
Maximum system pressure:
• 50 bar / 725 psi
System Dimensions:
• 475 mm wide, 456 mm deep, 374 mm high, weight 30 kg (67 lbs)
• 100-120/220-240 VAC
Pump description:
• dual-head pump design for low pulsation
• biocompatible
• sapphire pistons
• PEEK pump heads
• active piston seal wash
• flow rate 0.1-36 mL/min
• accuracy better than 2% across flow range
• binary high pressure gradient mixing capability by combining both pumps
UV detector description:
• spectrophotometer for routine HPLC and other flow-through detection tasks
• Dual wavelength, 280 nm and 300 nm recorded simultaneously, other wavelengths optional
Multiport valve description:
• electrical valve drive
• Materials: PPS, PAEK, PEEK/TEFZEL seals
Conductivity / temperature sensor description:
• conductivity 0-150 mS/cm
• temperature sensor
• Sensors are incorporated in UV flow cell
pH sensor description:
• external pH probe with flow cell
• pH measurements 1-14
• pressure rating 5 bars / 70 psi
• all biocompatible
• high pressure side capillaries: PEEK, 0.75 mm i.D.
• low pressure side tubing: PTFE, 1/8”
• Fittings: PEEK
Process capabilities:
• CaptureSMB with AutoMAb® control and optimization
• Single column batch chromatography with linear gradient capability
• Dual column batch chromatography with linear gradient
• Dual column alternating batch chromatography
• Integrated batch chromatography with inline dilution in-between the two columns
Fraction Collector:  (optional)
• Fraction collector Foxy R1 with integrated diverter valve
• Fraction capacity: All standard formats including 96-well plates, 15 mL and 50 mL tubes
• Cold room (4°C) compatible
• 12 buffer inlets (6 per buffer selection valve)
Operating software description:
• ChromIQ® operating software
• integrated, intuitive software for operation and evaluation of batch & continuous chromatography
• wizards for Batch chromatography, integrated 2-column, alternating batch & CaptureSMB
• AutoMAb® optimization and control toolbox for CaptureSMB
• run log stores all information for each experiment
• easy-to-use graphical user interface for programming with user admin levels
• pause/continue functionality, also for continuous chromatographic operations
• data evaluation module
• User management gives high operational and data security

  • Model: ChromaCon Cube Basic
  • Manufactured by: ChromaCon