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Chromacon Contichrom Discovery

Contichrom Discovery


The Contichrom Discovery is a FPLC offering an expandable library of single-column batch and automated multi-step purification protocols for antibodies and tagged proteins. The FPLC comes with a set of pre-packed columns suitable to perform the protocols. The hardware and software are highly automated and optimized for ease of use, requiring only minimal user input.

  • Batch Wizard provides easy design and operation of all single column processes with isocratic and gradient mode
  • Discovery Wizard provides a library of pre-defined automated 1-, 2- and 3-step purification recipes
  • Customized single or multi-step processes can easily be set up in addition

The Contichrom Discovery can be upgraded to a high-throughput (HT) FPLC allowing for unattended purification of up to 18 different samples.

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Automated single and multi-step chromatography

Availability of pure proteins in quantities of tens of milligrams is a prerequisite for many life science applications, such as for assay development and structural studies.

The Contichrom Discovery is an easy-to-operate preparative FPLC protein purification system offering an expandable library of single-column batch and automated multi-step purification protocols for antibodies and tagged proteins.

For the latter, protein purification protocols are sequentially coupled and highly automated to add convenience, reproducibility and speed. Automated multi-step purification protocols are particularly useful for classes of proteins, such as antibodies and tagged proteins where a standard multi-step protocol can be established minimizing manual intervention. A single process on the Contichrom Discovery can lead from an expressed protein to a ready-to-use purified and formulated protein.

Multi-dimensional purification leads to superior purities and ready-to-use formulated protein and antibody samples.

Software-supported multi-step purifications

The Contichrom Discovery enables fully automated 3-step purification processes.

The ChromIQ software features design and process control wizards for single-column batch and multi-step batch processes. The handling is intuitive and automated to a degree which allows operation without expert knowledge. User interference between the individual steps is not required.

With additional hardware and software upgrades, up to 18 samples can be purified unattended in a high-throughput (HT) manner.

The Contichrom Discovery and its operating software, ChromIQ, contain optimized protocols for single and multi-step purifications. These can easily be set up or modified with integrated Wizards. The generation of fully customized methods is also supported.

ChromIQ. the operating system of the Contichrom Discovery features a Batch Wizard and a Discovery Wizard for accessing optimized purification protocols.

The Contichrom Discovery was designed to facilitate the easy and efficient purification of proteins and antibodies with single- and multi-step purification protocols. Samples can be injected over an injection loop or by using a sample pump. A column selection valve allows for screening of different resin materials. The two UV and conductivity sensors are required to optimally enable multi-step purification runs. The Contichrom Discovery furthermore possesses an integrated collector for up to 4 fractions. A more extensive external fraction collector can be added. By adding additional hardware and software components, the FPLC can be upgraded to a high-throughput (HT) version, allowing the unattended purification of up to 18 samples.

The Contichrom Discovery was designed to facilitate easy and efficient single and multi-step purification challenges.

Process capabilities and process control Batch Wizard (isocratic, step, gradient elution), Discovery Wizard for automated 2- or 3-step purification. Upgradable for high-throughput purification with additional external valves for sample loading.
Operating software ChromIQ is a user-friendly operating software with step-by-step wizards to guide the design and automatically run single column and multi-dimensional batch chromatography runs.
Software compliance ChromIQ software contains essential elements of 21CFR Part 11 compliance:
• Pre-defined user groups, administrators, R&D and production users
• Rights management for individual user groups
• User accounts are password protected
• Logging with time stamp and user name (non-deletable)
• Electronic signature with checksum of log and measurement files
Pump type 2 High precision double-piston pumps with active seal wash
Pressure rating Rating: 50 bar (5 MPa) / 725 psi
Sensors: 2, after each pump
Flow rate range 0.1–36 mL/min
Buffer selection 16 Inlets (2 x 8-fold buffer selection valve)
5 Outlets
UV detector 2 Long lifetime LED UV detectors, each with 260 & 280 nm recorded simultaneously
Conductivity detector 2 conductivity sensors (1–300 mS/cm)
pH detector range 1–14
Valves 6 Multi-position valves
1 Automated drain & injection valve
1 External column selection valve
Mixer Static mixer with non-return valve
0.1-36 mL/min
Sample loading Sample pump for drawing samples from bottles or vials. Multiple automatic injections possible.
Injection valve for injection loop loading. Injection loops (500 µL-20 mL) for syringe injections available as accessories.
Buffer managment For monitoring buffer tank levels. Pressure drop watchdog to prevent system from running dry.
Fraction collection Built-in: collection of 4 fractions; external fraction collector optional.
Computer hardware Stand-alone laptop computer (Windows, 64 bit, full HD resolution, 1920 x 1080 or higher) with ChromIQ software
Other Cold room compatible
Large buffer tray
Portable & compact
Runs resins and membrane stationary phases. A starter kit of suitable pre-packed columns is included.
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 370 mm x 509 mm x 450 mm (14.6" x 20.0" x 17.7")
Weight 30 kg (67 lb)
Materials All wetted parts are biocompatible
High pressure side capillaries: PEEK
Low pressure side tubing: PTFE
Fittings: PEEK
Upgrade capabilities For high-throughput purification with additional external valves for sample loading