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ChromaCon Contichrom HPLC


Contichrom HPLC

Our preparative HPLC system differ from conventional HPLC systems by providing a significant improvement for any purification challenge. It provides up to 90% higher yield at any given target purity. This is done by using proprietary cyclic processes:

  • Standard batch processes
  • Automated two-step batch processes
  • Automated cyclic purification process (MCSGP)
  • Automated cyclic enrichment process (N-Rich)

Analytical separation at preparative scale!

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High Productivity

Batch chromatography has the benefit of being simple and robust, however there is a tradeoff between yield and purity. Our automated cyclic MCSGP process solves this problem providing both high yield and purity. Improvements of up to 90% in yield at a defined target purity have been achieved. In addition, the process delivers higher productivity than batch, meaning that more pure product can be produced in a given time period. The Contichrom HPLC system with automated MCSGP process capabilities processes significantly larger feed volumes than conventional HPLC systems. Another unique feature is MControl, a dynamic process control tool, keeping the process always at an optimized set point.

The Contichrom HPLC can be used to develop economic processes for large volume purification of compounds, for example from fermentation or natural product isolation.

Isolation of minor compounds

The isolation of minor components from complex mixtures is a difficult task requiring analytical resolution. The Contichrom N-Rich process portfolio has been specifically designed for isolating preparative quantities of difficult-to-separate minor components. Applications include the isolation of product-related impurities, stability and formulation studies and the isolation of pure compounds from natural extracts.

Analytical resolution at preparative scale

With a pressure rating of 100 bar, the Contichrom HPLC supports small particle resin separations. Combining our cyclic chromatography processes (N-RichMCSGP) with small particle resins leads to a vast improvement in resolution (see figure below).

MCSGP and small particle resins have synergistic effects on yield and purity.

Automated operation

The ChromIQ software features design and process control wizards for batch and countercurrent continuous chromatography processes. The handling is intuitive and automated to a degree which allows operation without expert knowledge.

  • The Contichrom CUBE is available in two versions:

    • Contichrom CUBE 30: flow rate range 0.1 – 36 mL/min
    • Contichrom CUBE 100: flow rate range 0.1 – 100 mL/min
    Process capabilities Batch (isocratic, gradient), two-step integrated batch (isocratic), CaptureSMB
    Operating software User-friendly operating software with step-by-step wizards to help you to design both standard batch and two-step integrated batch chromatography processes. ChromIQ also includes the AutomAb toolbox for CaptureSMB optimization.
    Software compliance ChromIQ software with all essential elements of 21CFR Part 11 compliance:
    • Pre-defined user groups, administrators, R&D and production users
    • Rights management for individual user groups
    • User accounts are password protected
    • Logging with time stamp and user name (non-deleteable)
    • Electronic signature with checksum of log and measurement files
    Pressure rating 50 bar (5MPa / 725 psi)
    Flow rate range 0.1 – 36 mL/min (Contichrom CUBE 30)
    0.1 – 100 mL/min (Contichrom CUBE 100)
    Buffer selection 16 inlets (2x 8-fold buffer selection valve)
    4 outlets
    UV detector 2 long lifetime LED UV detectors, each with 280 & 300 nm recorded simultaneously (fixed wavelengths; 260 nm optional)
    Conductivity detector 2 conductivity sensors (1–150 mS/cm)
    pH detector range 1-14
    Pump type 2 high precision double-piston-pumps with active seal wash
    Valves 6 reliable multi-position valves
    1 automated drain valve (CUBE)
    Computer Stand-alone laptop computer (Windows, 64 bit, full HD resolution, 1920 x 1080 or higher) with ChromIQ software
    Dimensions (height x width x depth) 370 mm x 509 mm x 450 mm (14.6" x 20.0" x 17.7")
    Weight 30 kg (67 lb)
    Materials All biocompatible
    High pressure side capillaries: PEEK
    Low pressure side tubing: PTFE
    Fittings: PEEK
    Other Cold room compatible
    Large buffer tray
    Portable & compact
    Runs resins and membrane stationary phases
    In-line dilution capability
    Back-to-base servicing

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