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ChromaCon GMP Scale-Up



GMP Scale-Up Equipment

The EcoPrime Twin GMP system is a twin column system employing ChromaCon’s CaptureSMB process. The pilot and process scale systems thus offer the most productive and least complex multi-column configuration.

LEWA Process Technologies markets customized pilot- and process-scale GMP-grade skids featuring ChromaCon's twin-column processes. The Contichrom CUBE systems provide seamless data transfer to LEWA's EcoPrime Twin GMP systems. Auxiliary systems such as buffer in-line dilution systems are available. Customized GMP HPLC skids based on ChromaCon’s MCSGP technology are offered at all scales.


Scale-up with LEWA’s FPLC EcoPrime Twin Skids

  • Customizable GMP Skid based on standard EcoPrime platform
  • Pilot to Process scale
  • Twin-column setup for batch and continuous chromatography
  • Based on the technology of the Contichrom CUBE
  • Best available hygienic pump technology from LEWA
  • Worldwide affiliates and support

LEWA EcoPrime Twin - the GMP scale up equipment for the Contichrom CUBE

For further information please consult this brochure or visit LEWA's website for the EcoPrime Twin.

Process capabilities • Twin: CaptureSMB only (not batch capable)
• Twin Plus: CaptureSMB plus batch capability (step and linear gradients)
• Twin Plus & BID: CaptureSMB plus batch capability with buffer in-line dilution (BID)
• Twin Plus Consecutive: CaptureSMB plus batch and integrated (consecutive) batch with BID
Flow rate range • EcoPrime Twin 100: 0.004 – 0.6 L/min
• EcoPrime Twin 250: 0.02 – 2.4 L/min
• EcoPrime Twin 500: 0.06 – 9.0 L/min
Pressure rating 7.5 bar (0.75 MPa, 108 psi)
UV detector 280 nm and 313 nm
Conductivity detector 0 – 200 mS/cm
pH range 0 – 13
Temperature range Ambient: 4 – 25 °C
Process: 4 – 40 °C
Dimensions (height x width x depth) EcoPrimeTwin 100: 145 x 87 x 200 cm (57 x 34 x 79")
EcoPrimeTwin 250: 183 x 89 x 200 cm (72 x 35 x 79")
EcoPrimeTwin 500: 231 x 112 x 200 cm (91 x 44 x 79")
Weight EcoPrimeTwin 100: 430 kg (950 lb)
EcoPrimeTwin 250: 612 kg (1350 lb)
EcoPrimeTwin 500: 800 kg (1750 lb)
Materials 316L stainless steel
Enclosure protection class UL Type 4x/IP 65

LEWA GMP production scale custom HPLC

LEWA is proficient in the custom design of HPLC GMP production units. Scale-up scenarios for the Contichrom HPLC can thus efficiently be handled.

Case study: Custom GMP HPLC unit


For further information please visit LEWA's website for multi-column HPLC skids.