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QLA 16.97” (431mm) Detachable Threaded 10mm OD Shaft for Pharmatest, 316 SS, Serialized - SHFT17-PT

Price: £103.48


16.97” (431mm) Detachable Threaded 10mm OD Shaft for Pharmatest, 316 SS, Serialised

QLA Part Number: SHFT17-PT

Length inch: 16.97
Material: 316 SS
Serialized: Yes
UOM/Pack Size: EACH

QLA Basket Shafts are manufactured from electropolished 316 Stainless Steel. Clip style and O-ring style shafts are available for most Dissolution Instruments. Clip style shafts utilize a proprietary, spring tempered clip, which retains the original gripping tension far longer than conventional shafts. Clip style shafts comply with USP (711) and Original Equipment Manufacturers dimensional specifications. O-ring style shafts comply with Original Equipment Manufacturers dimensional specifications and are guaranteed to properly interface with the designated dissolution basket and spindle. Both clip style and O-ring style shafts are precisely manufactured to limit rotational wobble to levels far below USP (711) specifications.     

All basket shafts are serialized and supplied with a Certificate of Conformance (COC) stating that they are USP compliant, where applicable, and that they meet the machine manufacturer specifications. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) stating actual dimensions is available at an additional cost.

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  • Model: SHFT17-PT
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