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QLA Spin On / Off Shaft, 14.5” (370mm), VanKel V-Series Compatible - SPNSHT-13

Price: £87.29

Spin On/Off Shaft, V-Series, 14.5 inch (370mm)
(when fully assembled)

Spin shafts are used by a number of the dissolution bath manufacturers in place of fixed paddles and baskets. Spin shaft accessories can be unscrewed and replaced with an alternative accessory, without need for recalibration of the height. Height changes are taken into account in the dimensions of the parts and are especially useful when frequent changes to the test procedures are required.

Spin Shafts
Spin On/Off Shafts for Apparatus 1, 2 and 6 offer a quick, convenient change between paddle and basket methods without the need to reset the shaft height.These two-piece basket/paddle/cylinder shafts join above the media to prevent potential contamination.

Spin Shaft Features
  • Spin On/Off Shafts may be used in any VanKel dissolution apparatus, including the V-Series
  • It is unnecessary to remove the shaft when changing apparatus
  • There is no need to readjust shaft height or the locking mechanism
  • The attachment connection for Spin On/Off Shafts is located outside the media, eliminating any chance of contamination
  • Precision manufacturing has assured USP compliance and detachable components meet USP specifications
  • Wobble data is well within USP tolerance
  • Spin On/Off Shafts are engineered to minimise the risk of cross-threading and ensure a secure connection
  • Spin On/Off Shafts are less expensive than maintaining two different sets of shafts
Care & Maintenance

Spin On/Off Shaft Storage – Bent or scratched shafts fail to comply with USP regulations so it is essential not to store shafts on a desk or loose in a drawer where damage or corrosion can occur. Proper storage in a basket shaft/paddle holder can prevent damage occurring.

Basket Shaft/Paddle Holders Available
Basket Shaft/Paddle Rack, 12 Position - Product No. PADHLD-12A
Basket Shaft/Paddle Rack, 16 Position - Product No. PADHLD-16A

  • Model: SPNSHT-13
  • Manufactured by: QLA