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News: Shant Laboratories Pathfinder HPLC Columns

Article Date(s):10/11/2011 - 10/30/2020

The potential value of Pathfinder technology is that it allows the design of stationary   phases with well defined properties such as hydrophobicity and polarity of the stationary phase. Furthermore, it is possible to design tailor-made external polymer blocks, without restriction of the surface properties. In addition the retentivity and the polarity of the stationary phases can be varied by adjusting the amounts of prepolymer before synthesizing the external capsule.

Shant Laboratories has 50 different stationary phases for the resolution of compounds requiring alternative solutions. These phases, when combined with four basic types of mobile phases (normal, reversed, polar organic and polar ionic) create a matrix capable of resolving a very wide variety of compounds types.

In an effort to assist the customer in finding the ideal column and conditions for a particular objective, Shant Laboratories has established a methods development protocol that can quickly identify the column or columns and conditions for a particular separation problem. With a high level of experience and extensive database Shant Laboratories can produce a viable, optimized separation within the shortest possible time frame. Typical results can be generated in as little as one month.

A large variety of possible methods can be developed including the ability to resolve metabolites, the establishment of minimum detection limits, designing LC/MS compatible mobile phases, measurement of drug stability, biocatalysis or drug dissolution studies where the aim is to identify difficult components as well as optimize their resolution.

Shant Laboratories has much experience from 15 years of development work in producing effective methods in all of these cases. 

The Pathfinder® AQ stationary phase is specially designed to separate highly basic compounds without additives in the mobile phase, a result which has not yet been observed in reversed phase chromatography for silica based stationary phases.  This phase incorporates embedded polar groups into a polymer structure producing a highly base deactivated column having virtually silanol free surface. As a result Pathfinder AQ columns enable the analysis of basic compounds without the use of modifiers in mobile phases. Separations can be optimized by suppressing residual electrostatic interactions between solutes and the stationary phase using only elevated temperatures. 

Pathfinder® NQ packing material utilizes the same ultra inert surface chemistry as all Pathfinder phases, and has an improved performance, hydrolytic stability and reproducibility compared to conventional analogues. 
This packing material combines C18 hydrophobicity with excellent chromatographic performance, which was developed for the use in rapid method optimization. This packing material offers alternative selectivity for aromatic, amine or polar compounds. It is also suitable for analysis of small proteins and peptides. As a C18 phase for most HPLC applications Pathfinder® C18 NQ packing material is optimized for maximum efficiency, superior peak shape and resolution for all compounds. 
We recommend this phase as a starting point for method development

Having a low surface hydrophobicity Pathfinder® XQ was specifically  developed for those who are not satisfied with the performance of their columns under harsh acidic conditions.  It is also recommended for those who wish to perform their analysis in a relatively short time frame, when less retention than C18 is  required.  The polar surface of Pathfinder® XQ is especially suitable for analysis of small proteins, peptides, and oligonucleotides. Purification of a specific compound can be further optimised by using our unique tailor-made phase production service.