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SS420x High Resolution Chromatography A/D Module

Price: £2,250.00



The SS420x is an intelligent analog to digital conversion module that provides remote acquisition for up to 4 channels of data. With 1 MB of memory, the SS420x continues to acquire data regardless of the state of the controlling computer.

Continuing Performance

The SS420x inherits the legacy of the original SS420 Instrument Interface. Over the years, thousands of SS420s have impressed users with their low noise, high linearity, and reliability.

The SS420x supports asynchronous acquisition from four channels, has four built in triggers, and eight relays for programmable switching applications. It shares the same proven 24-bit analog data acquisition that has established Scientific Software, Inc. as a leader in analog acquisition. A rigorous factory calibration and testing program ensures trouble free operation.

Serial Communication

The SS420x connects to the PC via RS232 communication. A valuable feature of the RS232 is that the SS420x can be over 100 feet away from the computer. Now acquisition can occur from tight spaces, remote locations, or other areas where a PC may not be permitted.

Network Friendly

Some A/D converters interface directly to the network. A continuous stream of digital signal is transmitted on the network, and if there is any interruption in transmission, precious data may be corrupted or lost.

The SS420x acquisition occurs between the instrument and the PC, with no access required to the network. This not only reduces network load, but also enables data acquisition to continue even if the network goes down.

Intelligent Redundancy

Each SS420x has its own power supply, so in the event that the PC should lose power, acquisition will continue. It retains over an hour of data for each channel, depending upon acquisition speed.

A built-in CPU manages information flow from the SS420x to the computer, ensuring that information transmitted safely from the module to the computer.

System Status is Easy to Observe

LED status indicators, which provide start-up, data acquisition, reprogramming, and error status are positioned to allow quick observation of system activity.

  • Model: SS420x
  • Manufactured by: Thermo Scientific