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PerkinElmer Core Configuration Sample Introduction Kit for NexION 2000/1000 - N8150035

Price: £4,510.00

Core Configuration Sample Introduction Kit for NexION 2000/1000

PerkinElmer introduces the NexION 2000 ICP-MS high matrix (Green) solution-ready sample introduction technology. Engineered for the analysis of environmental samples, this system utilizes a high sensitivity glass spray chamber and nebulizer, Peltier cooler, and large diameter injector to enhance the analysis of environmental samples with varying matrices. This kit includes: Glass Concentric Type C Nebulizer (N8152373) Glass Cyclonic C3 High Sensitivity Spray Chamber with Matrix Gas Port (N8152389) Fixed 2.5 mm I.D. Injector Quartz Torch (N8152473) MEINHARD Nebulizer Sample Line (N8145503) PeriPump Tubing Starter Kit (N8150060) Matrix Gas Line 9 (N8152374) Plasma Light Shield (N8152377) PC3X Peltier Cyclonic Spray Chamber System (N8152382) MEINHARD Internal Standard Nebulizer Tee (N8152386) Spray Chamber Light Shield (N8152425), Green Torch Cassette (N8152431) Torch Injector Nut Removal Tool (N8152443) Internal Standard Probe(N8152452) PeriPump Union Male Fitting (N8152453) 0.8 mm I.D. PTFE Drain Line Tubing with 1/4-28 Fitting (N8152456) PC3 Spray Chamber Light Shield (N8152475) Torch Injector Nut (N8152451)

  • Model: N8150035
  • Manufactured by: PerkinElmer