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SIELC Technologies HPLC Columns

SIELC is well-known for its expertise in packing high-quality multi-mode HPLC columns with superior lot-to-lot reproducibility.  For decades, liquid chromatography stationary phase design has been dominated by the idea of elimination of multiple, or "unwanted", interactions that occur in mixed-mode separations. A recent goal in reversed-phase chromatography has been to eliminate silanol interactions with some analytes by developing base-deactivated phases.  Within the same trend, adsorption interactions are considered undesirable as opposed to steric interactions in size-exclusion chromatography, and non-ionic interactions are generally viewed as complications in ion-exchange and ion-exclusion chromatography. However, there are ways to benefit from multiple interactions on the stationary phase.

SIELC Primesep, Obelisc, and Promix Mixed-Mode HPLC Columns

SIELC Technologies introduces new lines of silica based HPLC columns that exhibit superior retention for difficult to separate mixtures. Every SIELC column has a unique stationary phase, combining the properties of hydrophobic and ion-exchange stationary phases.  Strong interaction between the two phases allows controlled retention of ionizable and neutral compounds independently.  There is no tailing associated with silica surface chemistry.