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LEAP CTC PAL Parts and Consumables

In 2010 LEAP Technologies spun out its CTC Autosampler small parts and consumables operation and a new company was born, LEAP PAL Parts and Consumables, LLC. Leap PAL Parts carries an extensive array of CTC small parts, valves, rotors, syringes (including our very own private brand, the “L-Mark” and L-MARK Gold" brand syringe) as well as L-Mark vials and caps. All of our parts and consumables are LEAP-tested to assure that they’re of the highest laboratory-grade quality. Just as importantly in today’s economic environment, our products are priced very competitively. We operate our business with an emphasis on superior customer service, providing your business with three valuable benefits: high-quality products that are competitively priced and shipped out the same day your order is placed.