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SSI - Scientific Sytems Inc

Scientific Systems Inc. (SSI) was established in 1967 in State College, Pennsylvania, home of Penn State University. From the inception of the company through today, SSI has specialized in precision machining and high pressure fluid technology. The company maintains current operations in a 20,000 sq. ft. facility in State College, and maintains a worldwide customer base for its high technology products.

During the 1960s and early 70’s, SSI produced ultra high pressure valves (up to 100,000 p.s.i.) and other components for the nuclear industry.

Soon after, SSI and other manufacturers recognized and adapted our specialized manufacturing capabilities for the newly developing field of High Performance Liquid Chromatography, or HPLC. Throughout the early 80’s, SSI produced the Series-10 Pump and other critical fluid path components for Perkin-Elmer, a major supplier of HPLC equipment.

From this time period through today, SSI has developed a wide portfolio of HPLC products and focuses on being a premier supplier to the HPLC industry. With an emphasis on high pressure, positive displacement pumps, the company has a full complement of engineering expertise in electrical and mechanical design as well as comprehensive machining, assembly and test operations. SSI developed innovative features such as automatic piston wash and high pressure pulse dampeners to improve ease of use and performance of our HPLC pumps. SSI also maintains a core product line of HPLC accessories, valves and other fluid path components.

In 1994, SSI achieved ISO-9001 certification, and this recognition continues today. The company maintains a rigorous documentation control system, a clean, well-maintained facility and pursues continuous improvement throughout all operations. Through these disciplines, SSI maintains the highest levels of product quality and customer satisfaction, along with full service capability.

SSI maintains a comprehensive supply chain with manufacturers of Detectors, Autosamplers, Fraction Collectors and Data Acquisition & Control Software. These partnerships allow SSI to supply a full line of HPLC components through a worldwide network of distributors. SSI pumps and detectors have found a major market niche in China and in third world countries where the need for accurate chemical analysis continues to grow.

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