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Helix Chromatography

Helix Research Solutions/Helix Chromatography is a R&D and manufacturing company developing new and unique products for analytical chemistry market. The main focus of the company is in the following areas

  • HPLC columns and supplies
  • Compact chemical analyzers
  • Method development
  • Consulting/Seminars/Trainings

The company was founded by Vlad Orlovsky, who previously founded and managed SIELC Technologies. In the last 15 years Vlad Orlovsky designed over 100 new stationary phases for chromatography with 23 being commercialized worldwide. They have several new products in the development, including new multi-modal columns and media. Helix Chromatography has experienced chemists, engineers and programmers eager to innovate and commercialize new products.

Innovative Chromatography Columns

HELIX Chromatography believe that there are several requirements for good stationary phase design:

  • Reproducibility of surface modification process
  • Chemical stability of stationary phase and solid support
  • Mechanical stability of solid support at high back pressures and during packing processes
  • Uniformity of particles and uniformity of stationary support bed
  • Reproducibility of packing process
  • Optimized ligand density on the surface of support
  • Optimized surface area of solid support
  • Narrow particle distribution for supporting material
  • Well defined interaction on the surface
  • Single ligand design to prevent variability of analysis

They have developed several innovative columns, each employing multi-mode interaction. From dual mode to quaternary mode, they have tried to incorporate surface chemistry to improve selectivity and robustness of separation. There tri-modal and quaternary-modal columns are the first that resist esterification of carboxylic groups on the surface like you see in other mixed-mode columns.

Amaze is a new line of mixed-mode columns, reflecting years of chemistry optimization by lead scientists in the industry. Amaze columns are suitable for analysis of complex mixtures containing various types of components – polar, non-polar, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, organic and inorganic – within one run.

Coresep is a new generation of unique stationary phases, combining mixed-mode and core-shell approaches. Mixed-mode columns offer much higher capacity and retention than traditional reversed-phase columns. Coresep columns combine high efficiency of core-shell particles and unique selectivity of mixed-mode stationary phases. All columns carry an ion-pairing reagent on the surface making all columns mass spec compatible.

Heritage line of HPLC columns includes the most popular columns listed in US and European Pharmacopoeias, as well as some first and second generation mixed-mode columns. All columns are robust, reproducible, and are designed to fill the need for dependable and cost-effective method development and validation.