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VDS optilab

VDS optilab Chromatographietechnik GmbH situated in Berlin was founded in 1987 by Mr. Roland von der Sitt and has been dealing with the production, development and sales of chromatography columns, separation phases and accessories ever since. VDS optilab was established on its founder's experience at that time already who previously worked as production manager for a renowned HPLC columns manufacturer for many years.

The high quality of their products has impressed customers from all areas of research & development and quality control, starting from universities and regulatory authorities through small to medium level companies right up to large groups in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Nowadays, HPLC columns made by VDS optilab are utilized worldwide.

In 1990, their product range was expanded by the sales and production of equipment to supplement existing HPLC systems. In the 1990s VDS optilab was very successful in this field and one of Germany's most important providers of column thermostats, degassers and solvent recyclers.

Thanks to a merger with Muder & Wochele GmbH in 2002, they and their customers have profited from the knowledge and expertise of both companies.

Since this merger they are focused mainly on their core business – HPLC columns.

  • VDSpher® Classic & PUR
  • VDSpher® Normal Phases
  • VDSpher® Reversed Phases
  • VDSpher® PUR HILIC
  • VDSpher® Ion-Exchange
  • U -VDSpher® PUR
  • VDSpher® OptiAqua
  • VDSpher® OptiBio
  • VDSpher® MS
  • VDSpher® Preparative
  • VDSpher® Flash

As a result, they were able to develop their own separation phases based on spherical silica gel and present them in 2007 under the VDSpher brand name. Since then they have developed the VDSpher product family further continuously and can offer a wide spectrum of pore sizes, particle diameters and modifications, which are used successfully in the normal phase and reversed phase chromatography as well as the HILIC and the ion-exchange chromatography. They offer VDSpher columns for nearly all areas of application in UHPLC through analytical HPLC to semi-preparative and preparative chromatography.

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