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CERI L-Column ODS C18 HPLC Analytical Column, 120 A, 3 um, 100 mm Length x 1.5 mm ID, 1/Pk - 611160

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L-column ODS

CERI L-Column ODS C18 HPLC Analytical Column, 120 Å, 3 µm, 100 mm Length x 1.5 mm ID, 1/Pk

Product Number: 611160


Particle size: 3µm
Average pore size: 12nm (120Å)
Surface area: 340 m2/g
Carbon contents: 17 %
Bonded phase: C18 (Octadecyl)
End-capping: Yes
USP category: L1
Range of pH: pH 2 – pH 9


L-column series is the column for reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) that enabled separation only by hydrophobic interaction because of inhibition of the secondary interaction with residual silanol groups and metal impurities.

In 1990, L-column ODS was introduced as a column whose secondary interaction with the residual silanol groups was eliminated by a new end-capping method* using high-temperature silylation. At the time, the performance of L-column ODS was far superior to that of existing C18 columns, and it became a pioneer of the new-generation end-capping method.


L1: Octadecyl silane chemically bonded to porous or non-porous silica or ceramic micro-particles, 1.5 to 10 μm in diameter, or a monolithic rod.

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  • Model: 611160
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