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CERI L-Column ODS 3um, 100 x 3.0mm HPLC Column - 621330

Price: £535.05


Established, high performance standard column

L-column ODS has been supplied since 1990. Many applications have been compiled on this popular column and it continues to deliver a top level of performance in many validated methods.

Average particle size 3μm, 5μm

Average pore size  120Å

Range of pH  2~9

USP category  L 1

Performance with basic compounds

L-column ODS exhibits very little peak tailing because very few silanol groups remain accessible to samples.

 Performance with chelating compounds

There is virtually no interaction between chelating compounds and metal impurities in L-column ODS because of the use of highly pure silica gel and extensive surface coverage using the patented end-capping technique.

Chemical stability

L-column ODS maintains retention under TFA mobile phase conditions due to the well protected silica surface by the patented end-capping. This decreases running cost of HPLC analysis

High efficiency and low column pressure

Well established column preparation technology and uniform, strong, spherical particles produce a column that is both efficient and easy to operate with a low back pressure 

  • Model: 621330
  • Manufactured by: CERI