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ChromaNik Sunniest Columns

TMS end-capping; PFP, PFP&C18 No end-capping; Cyano, Silica


  • Little residual silanol groups by an unique bonding technique
  • Excellent stability, especially under acidic pH conditions
  • Sharp peak shape for acidic, basic and chelating compounds
  • RP-AQUA with C30 bonding and Biphenyl offer Performance in 100% aqueous conditions, and shows enhanced retention of polar compounds.


Particle USP
L No.
Particle size (µm) Bonding Characteristic
C18 L1 3, 5 C18 First Choice
C18-HT L1 2 C18 High-throughput analysis
RP-AQUA L62 3, 5 C28 100% aqueous mobile phase is available
C8 L7 3, 5 C8 For high-speed analysis of low-polar compounds
PhE L11 3, 5 Phenylethyl Analysis of separation of aromatic compounds
PFP L43 5 Pentafluorophenyl Analysis for structural isomers and halide

ChromaNik Sunniest Columns Brochure