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Daicel Reverse Phase HPLC Columns

For aqueous-organic mobile phases separation

Immobilised chiral phases CHIRALPAK® IA, CHIRALPAK® IB, CHIRALPAK® IC, CHIRALPAK® ID, CHIRALPAK® IE and CHIRALPAK® IF are suitable for analytical method development under reverse phase conditions. Many RP and LCMS conditions have been defined using these columns.

These columns are suitable for use in aqueous-organic mobile phases. They are suited for applications where the sample is present in aqueous media (e.g. biological samples). These versatile columns can also be used in Normal and Polar Organic modes but must be conditioned between modes (please ask for details of the conditions to be applied).

These columns are packed with Chiral Stationary Phase immobilised on a 5µm silica support and are frequently used in LC/MS applications.

They are also available in 3 µm silica support: CHIRALPAK® IA-3, IB-3, IC-3, ID-3, IE-3 & IF-3, CHIRALPAK® AD-3R, AS-3R, AZ-3R, AY-3R & AD-,AS-, AZ-, AY [-RH] & CHIRALCEL® - OD-3R, OJ-3R, OZ-3R & OD-, OJ-, OZ [-RH]have been developed by DAICEL as the reverse phase versions of CHIRALPAK® AD-H, AS-H, AY-H, AZ-H & CHIRALCEL® OD-H, OJ-H, OZ-H & OX-H (Columns which have the widest applicability in normal phase mode). They have the same coated chiral selector as found in the normal phase stationary phases, but are coated onto a specific hydrophobic high quality silica support.

CHIRALPAK® -3R & [-RH] & CHIRALCEL® -R & [-RH] chromatography columns are available in a variety of diameters and lengths to meet your application needs.

CHIRALPAK® AD-3R, AS-3R, AZ-3R, AY-3R & CHIRALCEL® OD-3R, OJ-3R, OZ-3R are columns packed with Chiral Stationary Phase coated on our new 3 µm silica support for:

  • Fast analysis
  • Higher resolution
  • Direct use in most HPLC systems
  • Direct method transfer between 5 µm and 3 µm
  • As always, DAICEL high quality