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Inertsil ODS-4 HPLC Columns

Excellent peak shapes for both strong acidic and basic compounds

Our newly-developed endcapping technique ideally 
deactivates the silanol groups, suppressing the adsorption 
of common basic compounds as well as strong ones,
which leads to sharper peaks. 
Moreover, the new endcapping technique prevents the 
adsorption of strong acidic compounds as a surface of the 
packing material becomes neutral.

Excellent analysis stability 
of strong metal chelating 

In order to stably analyze strong metal chelating 
compounds, samples were injected repeatedly before 
the analysis to mask the adsorption active sites on the 
surface of the packing material or addition of EDTA to
the eluent were required. Column equilibration was also 
time-consuming. Since the trace amount of metals has 
been eliminated from the surface of the packing 
material, it allows a stable analysis from the 1st injection
requiring no masking process.

Excellent analysis stability 
under 100% aqueous eluents

Inertsil ODS-4 minimizes the dewetting phenomenon 
while maintaining the same retention characteristics to 
that of common ODS columns. Therefore, Inertsil ODS-4 
can be used at ease under 100% aqueous eluents. 
Furthermore, the packing material that achieves a stable 
analysis using 100% aqueous eluents provides another 
advantage: which reduces the column equilibration time 
returning to an initial eluent condition in gradient.