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Grace® Capillary GC Columns

New Grace® GC Capillary Column Range

Grace have been producing and supplying our well known and respected Heliflex® and Econo-CapTM ranges of GC capillary columns for many years now.

They have recently made improvements to our production procedures for these columns that result in better performance. They have renamed the two brands and given them new part numbers so that there is no confusion over the original and new columns.

The new ranges are simply changed:

  • Heliflex® columns become Heliflex®+ columns
  • Econo-CapTM columns become Econo-CapTM+ columns

Additionally the phases will be called ATTM-5+ or ECTM-5+, for example, on the column QC certificate and labels.

For more details click here to download the flysheet :