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Jones Reversed-Phase Columns


Jones Genesis® Reversed-Phase Columns 

  • Excellent peak symmetry
  • Exceptional stability from pH 1 to 10
  • Reduced need for mobile-phase modifiers
  • Long column life
C8(EC) is double-bonded before fully endcapped using a unique proprietary end-capping reagent. It is less prone to acid hydrolysis than trimethylsilane, which provides freedom from residual silanols and enhanced stability under low-pH operating conditions. The bonding is monomeric. Genesis® C8(EC) columns exhibit superior stability at alkaline pH.
Jones Apex™ Reversed-Phase Columns
Economical Column Line with Maximum Reproducibility and Efficiency
• Conventional 100Å pore size spherical silica
• Uniform-sized particle
• Narrow particle distribution
• Controlled surface area