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VisionHT® - UHPLC and HPLC Columns


VisionHT™ Media Platform

The versatility of the VisionHT™ media platform allows you to choose the right phase chemistry and pack it in any Grace® column format.
Formats Include:
  • Semi-Prep and Preparative Systems: Packed under high pressure, these preparative columns deliver maximum efficiency and resolution to yield high purity fractions. Speed up prep LC purifications by moving to shorter columns packed with smaller VisionHT™ particles.
  • Analytical Formats for Traditional HPLC Systems: Flexible column dimensions address a number of today’s laboratory concerns, from solvent savings to more stringent analytical requirements. Convert traditional 4.6 i.d.s to smaller diameter 2.1 or 3mm i.d. columns to reduce solvent consumption and increase sensitivity.
  • Rocket™ Formats for Traditional HPLC Systems: Large 7mm i.d. allows fast flow rates that “sweep” the large (>2mL) traditional LC system volume and balances the columnto- system volume ratio. Get fast separations with minimal sample diffusion and excellent peak shapes.
  • Expedite™ Formats Low Volume Systems, Microbore Systems: Extremely low-dead volume design minimizes sample diffusion and delivers highly efficient separations. Short column lengths maintain low backpressures, allowing more speed from traditional pressure-rated systems.
  • UHPLC Formats Ultra-high Pressure, Alternate Fast LC Systems: The low volume design uses screens, instead of frits, to minimize sample diffusion and maintain peak integrity and efficiency. 16,000psig pressure ratings allow fast flow rates, decreasing run times 10-fold.