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Hamilton PRP-X100 10 µm 4.1 x 250 mm HPLC Column - 79433

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Polymeric column packing for separation of inorganic and organic anions from 10 ppb to 500 ppm

Product Specifications
Compound ClassificationOrganic/Inorganic Anions
Hardware ID4.1 mm
Hardware Length250 mm
Packing Material NamePRP-X100
Particle Size10 µm
Buffer Strength212°C / 414°F
Exchange Capacity0.19 meq/gm
Exchange Capacity/Column0.304 meq/column
Hardware MaterialStainless Steel
Max. Pressure5,000 psi
Mobile Phase LimitspH 1-13. 0-100% aqueous, organic modifier
Packing Material TypePSDVB/Trimethylammonium
Pore Size100 Å
RestorationPump approximately 50 mL of methanol with 1% 6 N nitric acid.
Temp LimitspH 1-7.9 (5-60°C); pH 8-13 (5-30°C)

  • Model: 79433
  • Manufactured by: Hamilton