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Microliter syringes are for use with liquids only. They incorporate a hand-fitted stainless steel plunger with a finely bored syringe barrel. These syringes are ideal for homogeneous samples that are not prone to precipitation or bonding with glass.

Under the proper conditions, plunger wear is minimal and the life of a Microliter syringe is almost unlimited. However, when using heterogeneous solutions with a Microliter syringe, the user must be especially diligent about cleaning the syringe after each use. For more information, see our Hamilton Syringe Care and Use Guide on properly maintaining our syringes.

In some cases, even diligent cleaning is not sufficient and the barrel will become soiled. The deposits on the glass will compromise the tight tolerances between the glass and the plunger resulting in a frozen plunger. Plungers for Hamilton Microliter syringes cannot be interchanged or replaced if damaged. For heterogeneous solutions, a gas tight syringe is the best option.