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L-Mark Hamilton & SGE Syringes

L-MARK® Syringes  

The L-MARK® Syringe was created in 2004 and has been developed as a complete line of syringes that mitigate many of the problems associated with traditional syringe products.

This industry leading syringe technology was the first of its kind designed with a plunger guide to maintain optimal plunger alignment to lengthen the plunger life to match the demands of high throughput labs.  The L-MARK® syringe is offered with a choice of either a polyethylene or a PTFE plunger tip. L-MARK® plungers are manufactured with titanium for added longevity.  In addition, the needle setting which is welded to a ferrule embedded in the syringe barrel is protected by a PTFE barrier for reduced exposure of adhesive to the samples drawn up by the syringe.

Our design goal was to develop a syringe that increased the lifetime performance of syringes up to 10 times longer than standard syringes while significantly reducing or eliminating carryover.  We believe the L-Mark® syringe product line has accomplished just that.

In September 2007, we introduced the L-MARK® GOLD. The L-MARK® GOLD is manufactured with the same precise requirements as the standard L-MARK® and includes a chemically inert coated needle.  In many laboratories this syringe achieved the lowest carry-over results compared to any syringe on the market. The syringe maintains all the performance results of the standard or non-coated needle L-MARK® with the best carry-over performance.   L-MARK® products are stocked and ready to ship the same day.