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Merlin MicroSeal™

Merlin MicroSeal™

High Performance Alternative to Traditional Rubber Disc Septa

The Merlin Microseal is a microvalve alternative to the conventional silicone rubber septa used in gas chromatography (GC). Its unique design gives it high pressure capability and resistance to wear which results in long life and excellent chromatographic performance. The Microseal is available in three versions for all major GC manufacturers’ instruments. 

General Purpose Microseal (P/N 410)  – Formerly known as the “High Pressure Microseal,” this is recommended for use in most GC applications with injection port pressures between 3 and 100 psi (20 – 690 Kpa) and injection port temperatures between 50 and 400 C.

Low Pressure Microseal (P/N 310)  – Formerly known as the “Original Microseal,” this is recommended for injection port pressures between 1 and 45 psi (7 -310 Kpa) and injection port temperatures between 50 and 400 C. Useful for fast GC/MS applications with 530 micron columns.

SPME Microseal (P/N 21-01) – Recommended for SPME applications, using 23 gauge SPME probes.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates septum coring and crumbling.
  • Reliable performance during extended runs.
  • O-ring detail seals needle during injection.
  • Duckbill seals more tightly at higher pressures.
  • Low insertion force for easy manual injections.
  • 410 for most applications.
  • 310 for low injection port pressures (1 – 45 psi).
  • 21-01 for SPME applications.



  • General Purpose Microseal
  • Low Pressure Microseal
  • SPME Microseal
  • 26 gauge Microseal
  • Microseal for Thermo Trace 1300 cold on-column GCMS (26 ga)
  • 19 gauge Microseal
  • Microseal for PAL SPME Arrow
Choosing the Correct Merlin MicroSeal: