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Filter Vials 0.45um PTFE with Pre-Slit Cap - 35540-500

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(packs of 500)

Filter Vials are designed to speed up sample prep and analysis. The plunger filter membrane nestles into the vial while simultaneously filtering and readying the sample for any autosampler. This is a single step process that minimizes any loss of sample. No multiple step transfers needed. Pre-slit caps ensure a nohassle, clean aliquot withdrawal. No more breakage of expensive needles, coring problems on the HPLC or Mass Spectrometer.  Filter Vials are compatible with most standard autosamplers; such as Agilent® and Waters®. The ease of use will make the Filter Vials indispensable in all laboratories.




PTFE is hydrophobic and chemically resistant to all solvents, acids and bases. Does not impart extractables to the filtrate. PTFE blocks water vapor, making it ideal for transducer protectors.

  • Model: 35540-500
  • Manufactured by: Thomson Scientific