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Helium Gas Leak Detector LD-229/LD229 - 2702-19491 DISCONTINUED

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Gas leaks can cause detector noise and baseline instability, shorten column life and waste expensive carrier gas. Liquid leak detectors, although inexpensive, can contaminate your system. LD229 leak detector is an easy way to quickly identify leaks in your system. Check your valves, fittings, and traps for leaks after every maintenance, and after thermal cycling as these can loosen some types of fittings.

General Features


The LD-229 Gas Leak Detector is a portable, highly sensitive instrument designed to detect gas leaks in gas chromatography instruments and accessories such as purge and trap system. Gas leaks are indicated with a dual system that consists of an indicator lamp display and a buzzer alarm. The detector is more reliable and convenient compare to the soap solution method for detecting very small gas leaks. 

The LD-229 Gas Leak Detector is powered by rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries. A blinking power lamp indicates that the batteries must be recharged with the AC adapter provided. Full battery recharging requires approximately 4 hours. Fully charged, the batteries can be used for approximately 5 hours. 


Detector : Thermistor actuated thermal conductivity cell
Sensitivity : Helium and Hydrogen 0.01ml/min in atmosphere
Target Gas: He, H2, Ar or Ne (corrosive gases are not available)
Battery : Rechargeable batteries
Continuous operation : 9 hours(with new, fully charged batteries)
Operating temperature range : 10 to 35ºC
Overall size : 65mm (W) X 37mm (D) X 143mm (H)
Net weight : 330grams



  • Model: 2702-19491
  • Manufactured by: NON Branded Products